OPP PE Bag Sealing Tape Release Liner

Product Introduction

Release liner is used for protecting glue in courier bags, express bags and security bags. Here are HDPE, BOPP, PEPA, Aluminum, Glassine and PET material. One side or double sides release are available.

Product Details

HDPE Film0.020mm-0.040mmProtect the glue, there are white, red, black, blue, ect
BOPP Film0.020mm-0.040mmProtect the glue. It is also used for making bags
PEPA Film0.06mmIt is used for opp hanging bags, enhancing plastic bags
Aluminum Film0.020mm-0.040mmProtect the glue with feature of anti-static
Glassine Paper60g-80gProtect the glue. It is used for envelopes