Permanent Bag Sealing Tape with Blue Printing

Production Introduction

Qichang have been producing permanent bag sealing tape since year 2000 and have been the top 3 manufacturers in this industry. This product is designed for the most stringent permanent bag sealing applications. Excellent combination of high performance bag sealing with immediate bonding power to a variety of films. This tape are sold to over 60 countries.

  • Glue side: Center
  • Silicone coated protection film
  • Glue coated material and width: PET
  • Adhesive:Holt melt glue, acrylic adhesive
  • BOPP material backing coated with syntheticresin for sealing courier bag


permanent bag sealing tape1


Product Specification

CodeFilm MaterialFilm Width/mmGlue SideHot Melt Adhesive Width/mmAcrylic Adhesive Width/mmLength Per Roll/mmPacking
QC-104HCPEPA Film10Center36500m/5000m1R/10R/CTN
QC-124HCPEPA Film12Center47500m/5000m1R/10R/CTN
QC-126HCPEPA Film12Center69.5500m/5000m1R/10R/CTN
QC-158HCPEPA Film15Center811500m/5000m1R/10R/CTN
QC-1810HCPEPA Film18Center1014500m/5000m1R/10R/CTN
QC-2010HCPEPA Film20Center1014500m/5000m1R/9R/CTN
QC-2510HCPEPA Film25Center1014500m/5000m1R/7R/CTN
QC-2412HCPEPA Film24Center1216500m/5000m1R/7R/CTN
QC-3620HCPEPA Film36Center2027500m/3000m1R/5R/CTN


Permanent bag sealing tape is suitable for all kinds of mailing products, including courier bags, express bags, bubble bags, envelopes, election bags, evident security bags and so on.

permanent bag sealing tape